About us

It is the goal of One Eighty Enterprises to Ignite New Life in each of our residents and prepare them for success in their new life.  
When you buy a candle- you aren’t just buying a candle, you are changing a life.


Soy-wax Candles - Pillars, Jars, Votives and Tea Lights.
All made of 100% natural soy wax.
No residue, no soot - just wonderful fragrances!


  We are devoted to employing, empowering, and creating second-chance entrepreneurs. A new generation of creativity and energy is being poured into the creation of handmade candles. The amazing women behind the One Eighty women's residential program are able to work and contribute to the success of the business, all while learning how to source supplies, interface with vendors, market products and manage a thriving business. The candle making also provides a valuable outlet for creative energy and allows each resident to learn and develop their God-given gifts.